Types of Nursing Care

Types of Nursing Care

Long Term Care

  • For those who require daily nursing care due to age or an on-going medical condition

Respite and Holiday

  • Provides an opportunity for rest and recuperation

End-of-Life Care

At Birtley House we are proud to be able to provide a level of palliative services which would normally only be offered in a hospice.

Traditionally, end-of-life care has been seen as a specialist area of work. Increasingly however, people are being able to receive this type of care wherever they are. There have been a lot of studies conducted about preferred place of care and death, what has come out of this is that people prefer to die in their own home surrounded by their own belongings, with people they know and trust. For the Residents at Birtley House, this is their home and we aim to achieve the highest standards of care right up until death.

'This is not just about dying - but in fact very much about living, and about helping people live well until they die'


We have two physiotherapists that provide physio sessions to all Residents requiring treatment over this time.

Physio is carried out in the Resident's room or around the house & gardens.

Further information on rehabilitation at Birtley House 



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