Our Registered Manager

Sylwia Indycka, our Registered Manager, almost began nursing when she was a child in Poland, supporting her mother with caring for her Grandmother in their family home. As an adult she went on to qualify with a Masters degree in Nursing in 2004, and moved to the UK in 2006 to continue her practice. Sylwia quickly found herself in leadership roles and her experience is supported by an exceptional reputation for making a difference within the care industry. We were delighted when she agreed to join us at Birtley House.

Since joining us in July 2018, we have witnessed Sylwia’s passion infuse through our care home, inspiring her team to get the best out of them. Together they ensure that our Residents, whether their stay is short term or long-term, receive nursing care which is tailored to their individual needs and personal  preferences. ‘Person-centred care’ is not merely a ‘buzz word’ at Birtley House Nursing Home – it is a way of life.

A personal message from Sylwia

“For as long as I can remember I have been involved in care, my close family totally inspired my life and helped lead me to where I am today. I’ve gained a vast knowledge over the years and my innovative and truly person centred approach to care lead me to managerial roles, sharing my knowledge and skills with others, and in turn leading them to success. As a manager, I believe it is essential to have effective working relationships within your team and with other health professionals outside your establishment to keep you up to date with any changes and innovations. All healthy working relationships help you to deliver high quality person centred care, and I am both fully passionate and committed to this and promote the welfare of individuals, helping them to recover from illness, or indeed come to terms with it so they can maximise their life potential.

One of my favourite life motto’s is, ‘the sky is the limit’, which helps encourage new ways of thinking, and is certainly helpful when trying to create new and tailored experiences for people. Another favourite of mine is 'every day is a school day', it is something I regularly repeat to encourage the people around me to embrace new learning, self reflect and evolve where necessary.

I am truly passionate about care and I love helping people. To practice the work that I love in such a beautiful house and stunning gardens, whilst being supported by a very involved Board of Directors and full domicilliary team is an absolute privilege and I am proud to be Managing Birtley House Nursing Home.”



Sylwia Indycka, Birltey House Registered Manager

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